Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter swap

I mentioned in another post that I'd joined Julie's Easter Swap, where we had to send gifts starting with the letters of Easter Time.  Sharon  sent to me, and she was very clever and creative with what she sent.  I was so impatient to open all the little parcels that I didn't take a photo, but they were beautifully wrapped.  And what I liked was that Sharon had made the little gift tags with each letter on it, and the cute little duck.  A really nice extra touch.

Sharon sent chocolate eggs, an egg timer, ice cube tray, apron panel for me to make up, serviettes, and ribbon and trims.  Thank you Sharon, I feel very spoilt with all the gifts you sent.  You can go to Sharon's blog if you'd like to see what she was sent.

Thanks Julie for organising this swap.


  1. Great gifts I particularly like the ducks; very cute xx.

  2. Thanks for participating.. looks like we all sent & received wonderful gifts!

  3. My Easter time swap parcel arrived last Wednesday. I emailed on Thursday morning to thank you and let you know but I don't think you got my email. Thank you so much for the lovely gifts. toni xx


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