Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Freud would call it displacement activity

........my friend Lajla says it's creative procrastination, which I like much better.  I didn't want to finish sorting out my sewing room, couldn't find the blocks I had cut out ready to sew for my pink quilt, didn't know where the pink fabrics to cut more from were, ......what to do!

Go through the scrap bins, find whatever fabric has pink in it ...different pinks this time.... and start  another quilt of course!  This scrappy number will go with the bunting for the little one's cubby house next door.....something she can throw on the floor and have tea parties with her dollies on, or snuggle in to look at a book.  I'm betting though her mum will want to carry it off to her bedroom to keep "special"....I hope not.

 Quilt top finished
I found the fine pink corduroy at the op shop (thrift store).  there's quite a few metres in this piece and it cost me one dollar!  I'll back it with this and quilt it simply.
A golden Easter horse also tripped off my needle
Organic, hand-dyed wool felt, filled with clean carded wool..... perfect for a baby to chew on
I didn't take a photo when I gave it to him, too busy watching his reaction.  His mum kindly staged this photo of him with it while he was napping,  as we weren't sure if he'd be awake before I left.
And freshly picked from my garden.....beautiful glossy eggplants, spring onions and greens...bok choy and spinach.

Cooked up into a delicious stir fry with tofu and rice noodles.  Yum!

....until next time


  1. The fruits of your labor! The quilt is pure sweetness, I can't believe you just whipped it up, just like that. The horse -- is that a Waldorf horse? -- makes such a cute baby toy/gift. And beautiful veggies, can't wait to grow real food again. xoxo

    1. Hi Peggy....the fruits of my labour....so true. And good to be able to look back on and remind myself when I moan that "I haven't done a thing' :) It is a Waldorf inspired horse, my own pattern, so a bit wonky, but the babe loved it anyway. I'm trying really hard with my quilt making to just sew together whatever my hand touches, no thinking, no planning, because I can spend so much time agonising over what will go together best....this is the result, so much quicker.....and freeing!


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