Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Freud would call it displacement activity

........my friend Lajla says it's creative procrastination, which I like much better.  I didn't want to finish sorting out my sewing room, couldn't find the blocks I had cut out ready to sew for my pink quilt, didn't know where the pink fabrics to cut more from were, ......what to do!

Go through the scrap bins, find whatever fabric has pink in it ...different pinks this time.... and start  another quilt of course!  This scrappy number will go with the bunting for the little one's cubby house next door.....something she can throw on the floor and have tea parties with her dollies on, or snuggle in to look at a book.  I'm betting though her mum will want to carry it off to her bedroom to keep "special"....I hope not.

 Quilt top finished
I found the fine pink corduroy at the op shop (thrift store).  there's quite a few metres in this piece and it cost me one dollar!  I'll back it with this and quilt it simply.
A golden Easter horse also tripped off my needle
Organic, hand-dyed wool felt, filled with clean carded wool..... perfect for a baby to chew on
I didn't take a photo when I gave it to him, too busy watching his reaction.  His mum kindly staged this photo of him with it while he was napping,  as we weren't sure if he'd be awake before I left.
And freshly picked from my garden.....beautiful glossy eggplants, spring onions and greens...bok choy and spinach.

Cooked up into a delicious stir fry with tofu and rice noodles.  Yum!

....until next time

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter swap

I mentioned in another post that I'd joined Julie's Easter Swap, where we had to send gifts starting with the letters of Easter Time.  Sharon  sent to me, and she was very clever and creative with what she sent.  I was so impatient to open all the little parcels that I didn't take a photo, but they were beautifully wrapped.  And what I liked was that Sharon had made the little gift tags with each letter on it, and the cute little duck.  A really nice extra touch.

Sharon sent chocolate eggs, an egg timer, ice cube tray, apron panel for me to make up, serviettes, and ribbon and trims.  Thank you Sharon, I feel very spoilt with all the gifts you sent.  You can go to Sharon's blog http://sharoneujones.blogspot.com.au/ if you'd like to see what she was sent.

Thanks Julie for organising this swap.

Monday, April 14, 2014

A lot of work....

 ........and still not quite finished.  Not even half way through and I was wondering why was I doing this. 

  Plenty of books still to be shelved.....maybe some culling first?
This being swapping rooms.......my bedroom into what was the sewing room.  Behind a huge cupboard that was in the room when I moved here was quite a few years worth of dust and cobwebs!   So there was heavy duty cleaning to be done as well.  Moving the bedroom , not so bad.....the packing up of the sewing room......oh dear!  It all took me the better part of two weeks, and felt quite overwhelming at times.  The sewing room is still not shipshape, I promised myself there'll be no shoving things in a cupboard out of the way, I want it all to be organised and everything where I can easily find it all....ha ha, famous last words?  We shall see. 
Overall though, now that my bedroom is organised, I'm glad I did it.  My 'new' bedroom is now at the front of the house in the larger room.....feeling quite grown up about that!....and away from the noise of one of my neighbours who goes out at 4.30 most mornings to do triathlon training.  Her car is parked quite close to my old bedroom, and I was woken by the click of their back door closing or the sound of the car starting up.  I know she tries hard to be quiet, but in the stillness of the early morning sound travels clearly.  So no more being woken too early, I'm cranky all day when that happens.  And my sewing machine is in place, as is my worktable, so at least I can step around the waiting assortment of who-knows-what and have a little fun in between the sorting and organising
Some of the fun included sewing for  Jewell's  Easter swap, which I joined. This involved finding gifts for your partner beginning with the letters of Easter Time. A lot of fun, and a bit of a brain stretcher to come up with interesting items.  I was very creative with some of mine!!  I can't show you the gifts as it's a secret swap, but here they all are wrapped up ready to go. They were posted last week.   I hope my partner likes them! 

 a sneak peek at one of the items I made for the swap 
I managed to find some time to sit and relax and do some kantha stitching on the little patched piece I showed in a previous post.  It was very tempting to just sit and work on this rather than sort out my moving mess, but I resisted. I'll get back to it tomorrow at sewing group.
 And during the move, before I took my work table down and packed up the sewing machine, I quickly put together this bunting for my neighbour's little girl (yes, the same one who's noisy in the mornings)  She's just had a cubby (play) house built, so this will look pretty strung across the front. 
 I'll leave you with this sweet kitty face, the last thing I see at night as I turn out the bedside lamp, this is Neesa,  stretching across to give me a kiss ..... she was treated very cruelly as a tiny kitten, poor love, and sadly, isn't keen on being held or sleeping with me, so the bedside table is as close as she gets.  
 Until next time............

Monday, April 7, 2014


Vintage Knife Juggler - random Photo

                            image source fanpop

I'm not finding time to blog at the moment, as, on top of regular daily chores,  I juggle trying to get things done in the garden,  and inside as well....cleaning walls and rearranging rooms, clearing my lounge and hallway of sewing room stuff, so just talk amongst yourselves until I'm done.

be back soon