Thursday, January 15, 2015

Feeling blue

no, not me, I'm good.........just my recent sewing 

A good start, blue scraps tipped out, ready to go
I decided I needed some help to keep me on track with my sewing, so what better way then to join in a challenge.  I came across Angela's blog soscrappy where she runs a rainbow scrap challenge, giving us a different colour to work with each month. This is nearly the end of week 2, I wasn't quite quick enough getting organised for week 1, but going good now.  Angela also gives a tutorial on a different quilt block for those that want to make  sampler rainbows, but I decided simple's better for me, I'm more likely to keep up, and so I've made 7 wonky log cabins so far.  These are 6 and half inches unfinished.  Go here if you'd like to check out what everyone else is doing with their scraps....or join in!

I pulled out some ufo blocks as well, they're pretty much all blue, with a pop of red and mustardy yellow here and there, so they'll do just fine to add to my blue month tally. 
String blocks - not all joined yet, some in pairs though
I made these string blocks about a year ago, planning to give the finished quilt to a friend's husband who had a stroke and now lives in a nursing home.  I gave up on joining the blocks because I think I over-thought it all, trying to make sure same fabrics weren't close together, not too many reds clustered, it got too hard so I put it away.  Last night I sewed blocks in pairs, just as they came out of the bag, and have layed them all out, ready for the next step.  I just have to decide whether to make it single bed size, or wheelchair lap size, not sure which will be most practical.  Maybe the bed size, I can't imagine Walter pulling the smaller quilt off the bed to tuck around himself......he can transfer himself from bed to wheelchair, so it's not as if a nurse will be helping and do it for him.  It'll be nice and bright on his bed too.

In other sewing- some Christmas gifts I've not shown yet........
I filled a pretty jar with hearts for my friend Christine, wife of above-mentioned Walter. They're all different, but follow the red/cream theme, which she loves.  Some are plain with just a little stitching, others patched and beaded. I added strings so she can hang them around the house if she wishes and pop a candle in the jar.......and she's done just that.

Stockings for a friend and her daughter....these were fun to do and filled with silly surprises

15 year old's crazy patched

Mum's - simple Scandinavian look
 And lastly, a little prayer flag that doubled as a house-warming/Christmas gift

I've also decided to participate in this  
2 Bags Full

There's only a couple of days left to sign up, and you can do it here.  This is a great way to find new-to-you blogs, and make lovely new bloggy friends.  And a good way for me to keep my blog up-to-date!

....til next time


  1. I loved seeing those first blue squares - you know blue is my colour right
    :-) But then seeing what you did with the rest - it is really cheerful! I think however you put it together it will be fun and colourful for Walter and I am sure will lift his spirits every time he looks at it! Plus of course it's not too girly which is important :-)

    1. Blue IS your colour Pauline :) Pleased you like the string quilt, it is cheery, isn't it?

  2. Blue can be so very cheerful!!
    Fabulous : )

    1. Hello Lyn...cheerful is good. Thanks.

  3. My word, you have been busy behind the scenes, haven't you? I do love that blue string quilt work. I agree the bed quilt is a better choice; when he's not sleeping under it, it will decorate the room! You have some gorgeous blue scraps, so glad you're doing something with them - apart from sharing them with me!

    1. Hi Kate....yes, been working away, I just have to remember to blog about it. Thanks, the string quilt is coming along nicely. Bit more work to do on it. Always happy to share my scraps with you :)

  4. Love all the blues' blocks...sounds like fun! I loved looking at all those lovely gifts you made too.

    1. Nothing like a challenge to get me sitting at my sewing machine Maria :) Pleased you enjoyed my little gifts.


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