Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Getting on with it

..........the scrappy birthday gift, that is

I made quite a bit of progress today, after umming and aahing about what to make.  Remember in my last post, here,  I talked about the 'fabric' I made from scraps that would be made into a birthday gift ?Well, I played with a few ideas.....a heart to hang, a needle case, a little amulet bag.....nah, none of that worked.  Well, eventually, I had an 'aha' moment and finally knew what I wanted to make.  I added a few pieces of lovely wool felt for making extra bits, and then I was ready to stitch, bead and generally's a fiddly little project!  Now that all the hard decisions are made, it's coming together nicely, and as it needs to be ready to give tomorrow, when, with two other friends, we're meeting for lunch, I'll be stitching away tonight to finish it.

Pieces in play

Not saying what it is yet, but soon enough all will be revealed......any guesses?

.......til next time

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