Monday, February 9, 2015


Linking up late with the RSC 15 February Week 1.....another wonky star

Wonky alright!  I didn't realise when I started that I had only a small amount of white left, so a couple of the star points are quite small.  Never mind, the finished quilt is to be just for me, and I think I can live with it.  I might even make another when I get some more white, not to make a "perfect" one, but two in different shades of pink might be nice.

Nothing else done last week for the scrappy challenge.  You can check out all the other pink blocks on Angela's blog, there's some great projects underway.

...til next time


  1. I really like your wonky star and love your collection of pinks.

  2. Your star is just fine. When they are all together this is what makes it special

  3. Your love of gardening shows in your pink fabric choices. Your wonky star is wonky as it should be.

  4. Your selection of pink fabrics is beautiful - a wonky star is a wonky star and surely must have a short point or two? I am almost tempted to want to make me an aqua quilt, just by looking at your gorgeous selection of patterns and colours! Very inspiring Nanette! xo

  5. Oh, there's nothing like a lovely pink quilt! Your wonky star is just fine, it has individuality, and nothing in nature is perfectly symmetrical, so why worry?

    1. It won't be an all-pink quilt, just one block or maybe two in a rainbow of wonky stars. I'm not actually worried about the small points, it was more of a muttering to myself that that's what I'd done and why..... as you say, it's individual and meant to be wonky.

  6. Variety will make your star points shimmer and move in the finished quilt. Great block!

  7. Looks great to me. And I agree with scraphappy Angela's comment.

  8. I love it's scrappy wonkiness, it just adds to it's charm. I'm a great believer that handmade should never look perfect.


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