Saturday, February 21, 2015

Wet, wet, wet

I woke this morning to weak sunshine and an eerie silence

Mt Warning this morning, a beautiful sight

....the constant heavy rain of the last few days had stopped.

Although we've had a ton of water dumped on us, with the threat of more to come, this time with damaging and destructive winds, I can't complain.  There are people up north who were directly in the cyclone's path as it made landfall, and hit with 200+ km/hr winds, and thankfully while no lives have been lost, there's been a lot of damage and hundred's are without power, water or homes.

This image from the Bureau of Meteorology site shows there's still a lot of weather heading this way, so it's just be prepared, and wait and see.  The SES (State Emergency Service) was door-knocking last night to alert us that there was a chance the river would break it's banks.  I always find these visits...while absolutely necessary....scarier than the weather itself......flashing lights in the street, heavy boots on the stairs, the loud and demanding knock, the echo of official voices up and down the street as groups of SES go house to house, dogs going berserk, outlines of large silhouettes in voluminous wet weather gear at the door, they politely check first that all is ok, then the stern command to prepare belongings, no animals thankyou and evacuate if told to, they pass on information about evac centres and are gone again into the night, bright yellow ghosts looking eerie in the emergency vehicle lights. Then the phone rings and there's a shrill klaxon sound, and a robotic voice advising the river's rising and to prepare to evacuate.

I haven't had to yet, and I've seen the river rise to nearly 8 metres, which sees it washing over the bridge.  My house is on the high side of the street, so I always feel quite safe where I am, but it's best to be prepared and ready for anything.
The river this morning, broken through onto the levee, but still a way to go before it's a serious flood.
Mirrhi enoying all the extra water  
It's very slimy and slippery out there....ask me how I know!  I have some nasty grazes and bruises where I took a slide this morning and came down with a crash on my butt and elbow.  I was worried I'd broken my camera, but it seems to have come out of it better than me.  I'll make some soup now, have some hot tea and take it easy for a while, then go do some sewing.....the sky is getting darker and there's a bit of a wind picking up, so all I can do is wait now and see how the day unfolds.

To everyone who's been in touch wishing me well, and checking I'm ok......thankyou.

'til next time....


  1. so, what do we do with our poor scared pets if we have to evacuate?
    glad to see you are safe & dry, it's very wet & sloshy here too & the sun is trying very hard to come through, without much success, at least the rain & wind has stopped for now
    thanx for sharing
    have a great day

  2. Good to know you are coping well with it all - the next test is about to come so be careful and pay attention to those instructions!!! Have you found it hurts much more when you fall over now than it did when you were a kid - I have!! Will be thinking of you over the next few days Nanette.

  3. Enjoy your soup.mtake care and no more slippery slides.

  4. Nanette, I've been thinking of you & hoping it's all ok for SO much water! I can just imagine the gardens growing like crazy in the coming month or two!

  5. Great picture of Mt Warning. The grass is very green and the ground is very wet. Ice the bruises while having warm soup. Stay safe

  6. Good heavens, if you can't take your animals with you what are you supposed to do with them? Hope it doesn't become an issue for you.


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